Simply beautiful.

Revox Joy

Beautifully simple.

The Revox Joy offers a simple and timeless design. Only high quality materials are being used.

  • 4 mm aluminum body with a high-quality paint (available in individual colors)
  • Black colored real glass front
  • High-quality aluminum body used for an optimal heat dissipation

The appearance of the Revox Joy Network Receiver fits perfectly with the speakers of the Re:sound G series. These are characterized by a symbiosis of sound and a unique design.

For the  S119/S120, Revox offers the perfect matching speakers. S119/S120 customers use, depending on the installation type, the following speakers:

Revox Joy S119/S120 Network Receiver

The Revox Joy is a network audio receiver in the audiophile top class. Revox combines the outstanding quality of the Revox amplifier with the versatility of a modern product. The Joy S119/S120 also offers digital audio streaming and the possibility to connect various traditional audio sources whilst being very easy to use.

For whom the powerful 2 x 60 Watts RMS power amplifier of the S119 is not enough might find its big brother, the Joy S120, very interesting which delivers 2 x 120 Watts RMS within the same body.