Revox Joy S208

remote control

A Revox Joy network receiver can be operated in different ways.

The simplest and most elegant way is to use the S208 remote control, which can be ordered optionally with the Revox Joy products.

The colour display delivers simple and clear communication and can also show an album cover or a station logo while playing.

If you want to connect classical audio sources to the Revox Joy, these can be operated with the S208 using infrared commands. To do this, the S208 is programmed from a database with Easy Creator.


S208 remote control

If several Revox Joy products are used in one house, these can be controlled with a single S208 remote control if required.

The maximum number of devices that can be controlled by one remote control is limited to 24. This number is made up of a number of wireless, radio-signal sources (Revox Joy products) and infrared sources.

Simplest operation.

Revox Joy remote control

Uniting the worlds.

See what you hear. Making music even more fun! The S208 remote control can be used to simplify the search for your favourites, whether that is music tracks or Internet radio stations.

As well as selecting music and radio stations, the Revox Joy's local inputs can also be called up from the remote control. These can be given individual names with the remote control, making them easier and quicker to select as "TV", "Sat" or "Apple TV", for example.

The operating concept

The Revox Joy stands out as a result of its perfect design, which was created deliberately without operating elements on the glass front panel.

The device is operated completely from the Revox Joy S208 remote control. The remote control can be paired with up to eight Revox Joy products, so that the corresponding device can be controlled through the room selection list.

Everything can be done through the S208 remote control, from selecting music to configuring the Revox Joy.

The Revox S208 Easy Creator

Using the Easy Creator software, the S208 can be configured to your personal requirements through a PC running under Windows XP or 7. The Easy Creator software from Revox includes an extensive database of many different IR-controlled devices.

The required IR commands can be programmed onto the remote control from this database. If required, the buttons can also be individually assigned. In addition, the Easy Creator application can also be used to program different zone names and to assign devices to the four hotkeys.